How Often Should I Refinish my Floors

Wood floors are a timeless choice in many homes but can lose their appeal with time. While regular cleaning and polishing will keep your floors looking great, sometimes refinishing is necessary. The condition of your floors and the type of finish used will determine how often you refinish them. Refinishing hardwood floors should be done every few years, or as often as necessary.


While minor scratches and gouges are not usually a problem, more severe marks can make your floors look even worse. Dust and dirt can often cause surface damage. Scrub the entire area and then clean it completely to remove these marks. This will remove dirt and grit from the floor that can cause damage to the refinishing product. You will need to sand the wood that has been damaged for deeper scratches. This is a more time-consuming and difficult task than fixing a small scratch.

Spots that are sun-bleached

The color of hardwood floors can be affected by ultraviolet and visible light from the sun. This process can be slowed down by applying a water-based, urethane finish with a sunscreen. Moving furniture and rugs regularly from one room to another can help slow down the sun-bleached wood’s fading. This will equalize the amount sunlight entering each room.  You can sand down sun-bleached areas and then stain them for a fresh look. To protect your flooring from further damage, you will need a sealer to seal the floor after staining is completed.

Water damage

Your floors can suffer from water damage. Water damage can lead to plank buckling and even warping. Your carpets can be stained or damaged by this. It may be necessary, depending on your wood flooring, to replace affected boards and then to refinish them. Floods and water leaks can spread quickly through your home. They can seep into walls, floors and soft furnishings, as well as personal belongings.

Pets can cause damage

Although pets can be a wonderful addition to any family, they can cause serious damage to your home. Pet damage can be costly to repair.

There are steps you can take that will help to minimize the damage done by pets. Keep your pet’s claws trim.

Children can cause damage

Every parent knows that kids can do all sorts of things to cause damage to the surfaces in their home. A spillage that is left unattended for too long can cause the liquid to seep into the wood grain. Gum damage is another issue, as toddlers love to stick their gums in the wrong places. If the chair legs aren’t properly cushioned, they can scratch floors.

You, as a homeowner, must do all you can to protect your floors. This includes removing your shoes from the house immediately. This will save hardwood floors from years-long damage. This can be made easier by placing bins in the door so that your children can exchange their shoes for slippers or socks.

If you are considering to have your floors refinished, contact a reliable Hardwood Floor Company to get a free quote.

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