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7 Edger Sander


Bona DCS® Back Vac


TheBona® 7 Edger Sander offers the professional flooring contractor all the features you would expect in a commercialquality machine. Designed to be user friendly and provide quality results at an outstanding, affordable price. The 7 Edger is constructed of highly

polished aluminum alloys for rugged use

and clean, neat operation. It is precision

balanced with non-marking, stainless-steel,

swivel bearing wheels which provide smooth

flow and handling. An internal swivel bag

support system makes this edger ideal for

tight closets and stair treads.

The oversized dust collection system

produces virtually dust-free edging. A nonmarking

disc guard and light make this

edger a real work saver.

The 7 Edger Sander comes complete with

a 1-year warranty, 25 feet of non-marking

cord, and an owner’s manual.


Power, versatility and rugged performance make the Bona DCS® Back Vac a unique component in the DCS® family of machines. Designed primarily to work with the Bona DCS® Buffer, this high-powered, heavy-duty commercial backpack vacuum delivers 1122 watts of power with an air flow of 120 CFM and a 2.5 gallon poly tank.

The high-quality, 4-level filtration system of the

DCS® Back Vac means no dust blow-back,

protecting you and your job site

from dust re-entering the air while you work.

All this in a comfortable, streamlined,

lightweight vacuum that rests snugly on your

back with padded shoulder and waist straps and

a convenient fingertip off/on switch.

Whether working on wide open floors, tight

kitchen areas with the buffer, or when just

using vacuuming tools, you have the flexibility

to maneuver without a trailing hose/cord

assembly. Nothing compares to the speed,

power, and efficiency provided by the Bona

DCS® Back Vac.


Universal Sander

ProSand Power Station Plus


The Bona® Super 8 Belt Sander offers the professional flooring contractor a heavy-duty commercial belt sanding machine designed to be user friendly and provide high quality results at an outstanding, affordable price. The precision-balanced, American made motor, complete with an on-line volt meter and thermal breaker, is mounted on a German engineered chassis. A spiral-grooved sanding drum with a precision pressure adjustment allows for the most aggressive, chatter-free sanding attainable. The Super 8 has an easy operating feather handle (see inset photo) and lever to ease the drum up and down to the sanding position. Four rubber running wheels provide stability for smoother sanding. The emergency stop switch is also removable for operational security when the sander is not in use. Most parts are thumb-screwed for easy takedown of the machine to add convenience when transporting, especially up stairs. The dual-chambered “Manifil” bottomzippered dust bag provides convenience and speed when emptying the bag, while an internal airflow manifold shapes the bag laterally allowing for improved visibility in front of the machine. The Super 8 comes complete with 50 feet of 10/3 yellow non-marking cable; quick release, high profile waist belt, “Manifil” dust bag, tool kit, 1-year warranty, and an owner’s manual.


The ProSand® Power Station Plus is the safe, inexpensive and convenient way to protect your valuable floor sanding equipment from high or low-voltage power situations. Use it as a power center to centrally connect your installation and floor sanding equipment. Use it to effectively run your floor sanding and vacuuming equipment, and adjust the power for your 230V units if your power supply drifts from the desired voltage range. Downtime is money out of your pocket. Your equipment is at tremendous risk for burnout during common job site situations such as when it is necessary to use extra long power cords; when the local utility gets hit with excessive demands for electricity; when you are forced to draw your power from a temporary power pole on a construction site; or when you assume a 230V source is delivering 230 volts. Play it safe and smart. With the ProSand Power Station Plus there is no guessing about the power available to you. Once you are safely connected to your power source, the easy-to-read voltage meter will tell you how many volts of power are going to the box. Since the Power Station Plus has multiple voltage settings it can be easily adjusted to accommodate different jobsite power needs. You have the choice of using the Power Station Plus as a static power center for your 230V and 115V equipment or as a buck/booster for the 230V equipment when the circumstances dictate. Simply read the LED meter occasionally to see if the voltage feed from your main power source has changed enough to warrant a boost or decrease in power. The 115 volt (non-boosted) outlet offers a convenient 20 Amp power source protected internally via a circuit breaker with an external reset button (This circuit breaker offers equipment protection from power surges). The ProSand Power Station Plus comes out of the box ready to use on a 4-wire or 3-wire setup. It satisfies GFI requirements on 4- wire systems so you can go right to work on any jobsite. We have included a pigtail to allow you to hook up to 4-wire setups quickly and conveniently. Other user-friendly features include the comfortable carry handle, lightweight compact design, and floor protective rubber feet. The sealed windings and durable heavy gauge steel housing make it a long lasting tool.


Bona® Pro 16 Buffer


Bona DCS Super Vac


The Bona® Pro 16 Buffer is engineered to

perform under the toughest floor sanding

conditions while being economical as well. The

Pro 16’s 1 HP, 175 RPM motor, coupled with

sealed, dual planetary gears, provides plenty of

cutting power.

Features include convenient dual levers and

interlock handle system to prevent accidental


Close cutting under toe kicks and other hard to

reach areas is facilitated by a low profile deck

with 360° wraparound bumpers.

Also included are 50' of non-marking 14/3

cable, a handy cord lock for storage, and large,

non-marking wheels for transport.

16" drive plate (AS2800130) is sold separately.

It features the exclusive, hook-mount “pad-lok”

system designed for Bona® Conditioning Pads,

giving you the flattest cut possible, whether

padding, screening, or discing.

The Pro 16 comes with a 3-year warranty on

motor and gear box and a one-year warranty on

all other components.


A high-powered heavy-duty commercial

vacuum with a polished chrome motor

head and molded 15-gallon poly tank.

The central heart of the Bona DCS®

Dust Containment System, the Bona

DCS® Super Vac is designed for

maximum dust collection, balance and

convenience. The high quality filtration

system offers the largest filter surface area

available and greater vacuum cleaning

power along with a totally enclosed

disposable bag system.

The Super Vac maneuvers easily using the

chrome-plated steel handle and 8”

diameter heavy-duty rear wheels with

the 2-1/2” diameter ball bearing front

swivel casters.

The tool caddie and floor accessories

make this a complete machine. The Bona

DCS® Super Vac also comes with a

1-year warranty and owner’s manual.


AdvantEdge Edger


Viking Combination Edger


Innovative technology for smoother operation,

more efficient power and easier maintenance is

why the AdvantEdge edger is revolutionizing

hardwood floor sanding.

Designed and engineered for operation with

Bona DCS® systems, the AdvantEdge provides

effective dust pick up even when using a bag.

Other features include:

Advanced motor technology

• No motor brushes–less maintenance

• More efficient use of power–runs at 9 amps

• Unique electronic controller automatically

increases torque as needed

• Soft start technology prolongs life of


• Smart switch safety feature–prevents

accidental starts

Smooth operating, flat cutting

• 7" steel disc–aggressive, flat cutting

• Belt driven means positive drive and

quieter operation

• No gears=no grease, less vibration, less noise

• Urethane compound wheels

• Excellent balance–no torsion or twisting


From the brushless motor for less maintenance

to its electronic controller for monitoring

torque, the AdvantEdge combines the latest

technology with an ergonomic design that

makes it the easiest, smoothest edger on the


The AdvantEdge is the next best thing to

getting someone else to do the edging.


The Bona® Viking Combination Edger is a

uniquely designed and precision built wood

floor sanding machine for use along open walls

and under toe-kicks. The Viking can be used as

a bag edger or with the Bona DCS®-Dust

Containment System to ensure virtually dustfree


The Viking’s state-of-the-art design is

engineered for performance, convenience and

durability, providing unequaled power, superb

balance and superior dust pick-up.

The most unique feature is the “open-throat”

design. The drive belt is located above the

sanding disc in a separate enclosure to create

unobstructed air flow in the vacuum chamber.

This unimpeded air flow results in exceptional

dust pick up. When operated on the

DCS®—Dust Containment System, the

Viking is virtually dust free.

Maximum power transfer from the motor to

the sanding disc is the secret to the Viking's

unsurpassed performance. No slippage occurs.

This unique drive mechanism is designed with

a heavy-duty 3/8” cogged belt which drives a

large 6 1/4”power gear connected directly to

the flexible, steel sanding disc. The positivetraction

drive system coupled to the most

powerful motor available in floor edgers

(2.8 HP), provides an unbeatable combination.

The twin brush motor spins the standard-sized

7” disc smoothly at 3,800 RPM.

The “Easy Grip” handles pivot 270 degrees to

suit any operator preference. This, combined

with the Viking’s superb balance and freerolling,

non-marking urethane wheels, truly

make this machine a pleasure to use. The

specially designed Osram/Sylvania fluorescent

light with long-life replacement bulbs and

high-impact housing adds further to the

ergonomics of the machine